EARCOS, Manila 2016

Thank you so much for joining my workshop. I hope you will leave with many practical ideas to take back to your classroom.


Here is a video which captures how we use the iPads in the art room from app mashing, manipulating, reflecting, presenting, analyzing, peer feedback, to stop motion.

The creative possibilities are endless!


  • iPad Research This explains my personal research into apps and the use of iPads in the classroom starting in 2012, Ghana.
  • iPad Gallery This page began this year, since I received my iPad cart. We use iPads daily. On this site you will see current projects, student work samples and a brief explanation of each task.

Let’s Begin

Click on the icons to be taken to the app store.

Today you will be learning about the following apps:


WORDFOTO $1.99 Add words to photos


MOVIEFX CAM .99c Add filters to videos and photos


SUPERIMPOSE .99c  Merge photos


SNAPSEED Free- Photo editing great for frames.


PIC COLLAGE- Free Document work, reflect, research.


PHOTOSYNC Free 4 Macs. Sync videos and pics quickly to your laptop or phone.

Samples From Other Subject Areas

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Wordfoto can be used by itself but by introducing filters and Superimpose you are allowing the students to be creative whilst capturing their knowledge. These images can be printed and displayed around the classroom, or laminated and hung as mobiles, or used as fabulous visuals on a blog. Since the work is in the camera roll it is very easy to share, tweet, sync and embed. Not to mention great for increased memory and retention through the power of using visuals.


Uses of WordFoto

These images could be created by the teacher or student to:

  • Introduce key words in a visually interesting way (teacher).
  • Summarize a topic (teacher/student)
  • As a visual on a quiz or blog (teacher)
  • Learn about a student’s interests quickly (teacher)
  • Post on the walls to remind students of key words (teacher)
  • Used as an exit card to demonstrate understanding (student)
  • Document keywords from a video or research lesson (student)
  • Blog post for Student-led conferences (student)
  • A visual for a final reflection for a task (student)

Tweet Your Art

After you have created your masterpiece please tweet your digital artwork to @rtjardin 

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.03.13 AM

A Reminder How To Use The Apps

In case you are keen to start when you leave this workshop but have forgotten how to navigate the apps then this is a good reminder. These visuals were created in Skitch.

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Future Workshops

Thank you so much for attending this workshop. I hope you can join me at SSIS, Vietnam, October 6th-8th for Learning2.

I will also be running a 3hr workshop. During this workshop I’ll be discussing the power of visuals in your classes, demonstrating photography techniques, app mashing and layering techniques and also looking at awesome reflecting and presenting tools with the iPad. This will be for all subject areas and all grade level teachers.